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I sell the Espejometr髆etro to see the particle of universe.

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Valencia, Venezuela, December 18, 2017

To: The citizen of the whole world
From: Victor Elias Espinoza Guedez
Subject: I have concluded a new theory about the particle that makes up the universe

Since the water does not contain the Espejotr髇 particle, I have concluded that I discovered that the water besides containing H2O also has Espejotr髇:

Espejotr髇, it is not seen because apparently it is interdimentional, that does not touch the matter.


We have a flashlight, we light it, a fire is produced, and how the light moves is what I discovered:

To move the light I used mirrors and these mirrors moved the light.


The Universe is a mirror.


To see and touch the Espejotrones you just have to be dizzy with alcohol or spinning.


The brain has the power to move space and we did not know it.

The brain touches the Espejotrones.



To build a city on clouds in outer space without gravity and visit it constantly as a new country with inhabitants, houses, cars, toys, parks, businesses, work, roads, etc. etc. etc. I must understand the composition of the universe using the imagination because we can not see what is not an atom.

That is, I am going to say an idea that is incredibly hard to believe since we do not believe if we do not see:

My idea is that there is invisible life.

The idea is that to build such a large universe, there had to be a beginning and since the Universe is completely invisible, then the Universe built itself with a miraculous cell invisible to us. I just try to give you an idea of my imagination to understand how life began to be created.

I believe that life began with a cell and it was not with the one we know, but with an unknown person who is in infinity, that is, who has had a long time to duplicate that mysterious cell.

I also believe that my hidden cell is made of a hidden particle also and that we can see how it moves to light, that is why I insist that my universal cell is made of Espejotrones.

In conclusion, the universe is divided into two cells that are duplicated, one that we see and another that we do not see. But we have to have faith that one day our scientists will be able to see these invisible cells because science advances and human vision too.

What I mean (boys) is that maybe a headache is produced by an animal that is on this planet and that we do not see. And who knows that other diseases produce invisible animals.

I hope you like my conclusions, because I will continue studying the Universe and the 创INVISIBLE创.

If this theory is true, that there are visible and invisible cells throughout the universe, then there is no other parallel universe, nor is there any dimension, nor is there a vacuum without cells.

Everything is leading me to the conclusion that we have invisible friends and not because they are in another dimension or parallel world, but, because we can not see them, but they are in this dimension, nothing exists in another parallel parallel dimension.

I think all that dimension is false.

I hope to continue these letters very soon and why not, I hope to see my imaginary cell.

Thanks for reading my copies ...


Espejometr髆etro: made of a magnifying glass and a cut of plastic bottle pot that serves for juice drinks and transparent. Which serves to see a possible solution to a problem that currently exists in science called 创the composition of the universe.创 It turns out that this homemade instrument, we place it in the human eye by the part where the juice comes out of the plastic bottle in this case and we will see many times a blue color that does not explain what is the blue stripe of the edges of the objects seen with this material.

It turns out that these experiments and analysis on the composition of the universe, throws an alternative that is: a particle that doubles the color and therefore is a mirror, who discovered it mentally gave the name of 创Espejotr髇创 or 创Espejotrones创.

Now the scientist says that these Espejotrons are grouped around any object to form a blue mirror that is seen only with this one Espejometr髆etro.

Now, having these results, we can deduce that what is around an object is a wave of sea but of Espejotrones and these Espejotrons form what Victor Elias Espinoza Guedez (discoverer) says, a very weak mirror of light that only sees with a magnifying glass after a distance from the human eye so that the human eye can do its only job of seeing the invisible without the help of the magnifying glass and its plastic cap that Victor Elias Espinoza Guedez invented, he says it is to see said mirror around an object, because the object occupies a place in space and separates the sea of Espejotrones at its sides.

If this scientific proof says that the blue edges are vacuum mirrors, then we have a new scientific discovery but not yet proven, says Victor.

What I can tell you is how the Espejometr髆etro works:

First cut a container of drinks made of transparent plastic or not, to a measure of 10.5 centimeters on the side of the peak and then with a pair of scissors cut a bit of this plastic to introduce the small magnifying glass that is in my hand:

You will place the right peak of the photo in your eye and with the other hand, you will hold the objects that will be grouped to the Espejotrones to form mirrors around the object that I have said is in your hand.

What you are going to see are blue glitters reflecting the light, because according to Victor Espinoza, these lights are being reflected because the blue is a mirror made of Espejotrones previously said in this article.

Then you will change the object and you will notice that the wood and leaves of dried plants shine because around them there is a mirror of Espejotrones.

That is the theory of the Espejotr髇 seen with a Espejometr髆etro, which is nothing more than a mirror invisible to the human eye but not to the magnifying glass.

The 3D video of the Espejometr髆etro is in the following link:


Email: victor.elias.espinoza.guedez@outlook.com

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